Alte Fashion

Alte fashion is the new trend in Nigerian Fashion now with guys like Odunsi the engine, Santi, Wavy the creator and Ashley Okoli leading the scene and setting the trend. These guys were originally seen as weird but now they are emulated by several young Nigerians, they are the “Kool Kids”, alte is the new cool with a lot of young Nigerians trying to follow the new trend, urban dictionary defines alte as ‘alternative’, often misunderstood for a habit, it is a lifestyle; a group of Nigerian youth with a unique sense of fashion and music. Alté fashion embraces a retro and vintage style, but is some how tagged as “new school“. Alte is like the combination of vintage and new school, it is bringing back the 90’s style with a hint of new school.


Alte is not just a fashion, it’s a lifestyle, it gives an avenue to be expressive through fashion and to showcase how weird/talented you can be, things that are considered unconventional are cool in the alte world, like multiple piercings, hair dyed to bright colors, putting on over sized shirt and jeans to name a few.

Alte music has also created a genre in music that is different from the usual, it is not mainstream, it has it’s own unique sound and vibe. Alte music and alte fashion goes hand in hand and complements each other.

Clothes in the air!!!

The clothes you wear says a lot about the person you are, how you wear them is another thing entirely, don’t be boring with your clothes, explore, spice it up a little, it may look stupid to some people but as long as you are comfortable and you wear your clothes with absolute confidence, you will rock the world. let’s take Kim k as an example, she doesn’t dress conventionally, she wears what she wants and looks absolutely amazing in it. Retro is back in town right now, the 80’s and 90’s are back. There are several ways to style an outfit, the tip is just to diversify, try different new things and see what works for you.

There are additions you can add to your outfit that makes it instantly cooler, if you are wearing a short dress for example you can knot a scarf around your neck for better effect, or you could decide to go french and add a fancy beret, finding the right clothing to compliment your outfit is important, it could range from a scarf to an abandoned jacket to socks you barely use,the missing piece of your outfit could just be shades, those really dark sexy ones, spontaneity is key! I’m not trying to be bias but Luka Sabbat of the Grownish series is dreamy, he dresses very effortlessly, and Zoe, omg, zOE, you can see Grownish to get styling tips from Zoe.

A great example that skinny people rock in oversized clothes.

Accessories are also a very important part of an outfit, but that’s a blog post for another day.

i knoww, i’m going overboard with the luka thing. BUT!.

The chair in my room

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The chair, the chair where we dump the clothes that are not quite dirty and not quite clean, they can’t go back into the closet because you can’t exactly decide what to do with them, so we just dump them on the chair. We all have that chair, it is the go to chair, when you can’t make a decision on what to wear, the chair is used to map out the clothes, the importance of this chair cannot be overstated, some clothes like jeans, that cannot be washed too many times automatically go on the chair. The chair is like a second chance for clothes like that, it also provides a space for clothes you don’t know what to do with, most usually clothes that don’t fit anymore or it could be a shirt buried under the mounds of undecided outfits. Personally in my room, “my clothes chair” that’s what i call it, is my first place to look for clothes when i’m going to a random place, could be for a walk or to get fuel down the street. That is one of the many wonders of the chair, it holds many random outfits in its arms.

Messy Closets

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Messy closets are inevitable when trying clothes on or when you’re in a hurry and trying to pick out what to wear. i know this firsthand because my clothes are almost always strewn around and it is getting harder and harder to organize my clothes. But i have learnt a few tricks at trying to organize my closet, which is what i’m going to be sharing today.

  1. Color code your dresses:   This is one of the fastest ways of picking out what to wear, when you are arranging your clothes, take a little time out to put dresses with the same colors together, this makes it easier to pick out what to wear.
  2. Hang your clothes: when you hang your clothes, it is way easier to use your mind to project what is going to be the perfect outfit, just by looking at it on the hanger. This method even makes your closet less messy and easy to re-arrange.
  3. Get rid of clothes you no longer wear: The importance of this can’t be overstated, it is the hardest part for me because almost every clothing item i have has a memory behind it and i get really sentimental when giving out my clothes, even when they don’t fit anymore, but this is important to avoid a clustered closet.

I hope this has been helpful, you can drop a comment below to add to it and share how you keep your closet organised.